We are Smart Data Company

Tap into the world of smart data-ecosystems and turn Big Data into Smart Data. To start unleashing the power of smart data, we help your organisation to map your data-ecosystem and design the ideal governance. Whether you are looking for governance in a complex multi-actor system or straightforward quality management, we are here to help.

Smart Data Company is formed as a successor of Thauris, the company that delivered great value in standardising data-ecosystems for more than 10 years, together with its partners. It started by designing the building blocks for the Dutch e-government and our services expanded towards other industries like accounting, food and logistics. 

Today, organisations, both government and businesses, are continuously facing challenges in gathering and using data in a secure and efficient way. Transitions towards Big Data, Digital transformation and Blockchain keep raissing questions about technical, organisational, legal and ethical issues. Therefore we decided to join forces with Privacy Company in 2018, so our customers can be offered a more complete range of products and  services for data governance and data protection. 

Smart Data Company is distinguished by its strong focus on our customers, innovation and quality. Our experts communicate with our customers in understandable language and solutions. Smart Data Company is a professional and fun company. We believe in an open and collaborative way of working together and with our customers. We embrace innovation while keeping the practical use of technology in mind. Technology is a means to an end. And to reach that, people are often the most important factor.

Our Company

Smart Data Company and Privacy Company together form one happy company. Two brands, one company. The combination of data and privacy compliance knowledge brings out the best of two worlds. We know a lot about data governance and data protection.