Smart Data Company at DGO

June 1, 2018

From May 30 to June 1 the 19th edition of the Digital Government conference (DGO) was held at the Technical University in Delft. This is the largest international conference on the cutting edge of society, technology and government. The aim of this conference is to unlock and share scientific knowledge on the application of innovative technologies for solving the most important social issues. It explicitly looks at which roles governments and companies can play in stimulating innovation and creating the conditions for a safe, efficient and effective digital society. The theme of this edition is "Governance in the data age". Almost 200 scientists, policy makers and innovators from around the world gathered at the conference. 

Smart Data Company and Cleverbase were invited to share their vision on how we give citizens control over their data (personal data management). Our track record in the area of ​​qualified information exchange enables us to enable the transformation to personal data management. 

Friday, June 1 began with a sharp Keynote by Steven Luitjens, Director Information and Society at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. Interesting in his story was the search for a third way: between the Corporate Data Control model of the US and the State Data Control model of China. After the Keynote a panel discussion followed, led by Nitesh Bharosa. Remco van Wijk, CTO of Cleverbase, took part in a lively discussion between the other members of the panel, Steven Luitjens and the public about these thresholds, how the future of data management will look like the different strategies that are being applied worldwide.

To conclude the conference, Sander Dijkhuis presented the paper “When Willeke can get rid of paperwork”, in which he shared the result of our research into qualified information exchange with an enthusiastic audience. Conclusion? With high-quality trusted identities and personal data management it is possible to realize a paper-free society. If you want to know more about this, download our paper here.